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The following table provides information about features that SmartOne IPTV Player support on every TV Model.

Tv models install Type Sorting Mode Parental Lock Hide Categories Epg Info Reset App Player Skin Aspect Ratio Multi-Audio Subtitles Buffer Size
Samsung 2021 Tv Store (1) (2)
Samsung 2020 Tv Store
Samsung 2019 Tv Store
Samsung 2018 Tv Store
Samsung 2017 Tv Store
Samsung 2016 Tv Store
Samsung 2015 USB / IP
Samsung 2014 USB / IP
Samsung 2013 USB / IP
Samsung 2012 USB / IP
LG 2022 TV Store (3)
LG 2021 TV Store (3)
LG 2020 TV Store (3)
LG 2019 TV Store (3)
LG 2018 TV Store (3)
LG 2017 TV Store (3)
LG 2016 TV Store (3)
LG 2015 TV Store (3)
LG 2014 TV Store
LG 2013 TV Store
LG 2012 TV Store
LG 2011 TV Store
VIDAA OS 6 TV Store (4)
VIDAA OS 5 TV Store (4)
VIDAA OS 4 TV Store (4)
VIDAA OS 3 TV Store (4)
Vestel TV Store (5) (4)
Android TV N/A
Android Phones/Tablets N/A
Amazon Fire TV Stick N/A
tvOS N/A
Vewd TVs N/A

Observation :

  1. Some Samsung 2021 detect multi-audio but can't switch them due to manufacture issue.
  2. Some Samsung 2021 can't detect subtitles due to manufacture issue.
  3. Some Lg series are not yet supposed to support subtitles.
  4. Subtitles can't be run on some series due to manufacture issue.
  5. Aspect Ratio not available on some series.