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how to resolve Loading timeout error?

SmartOne application is a entertainment application that need internet connection to work, sometimes the application return loading timeout error on the Tv screen, this error has nothing to do with the SmartOne application, this error shown on your Smart TV is related to the internet connection or communication error between the Smart TV and the server, to resolve the issue try the following solutions :

  • Solution 1 :
    1 - reboot the router
    2 - power off the TV.
    3 - power on the TV.
    4 - reload the application again.

  • Solution 2 :
    1 - uninstall the application.
    2 - power off the TV.
    3 - power on the TV.
    4 - install the application again.
    5 - lunch the application.

  • Solution 3 :
    1 - make a TV reset.
    2 - install the application again.
    3 - lunch the application.

Normally one of the following solutions should work, if the SmartOne application still has the loading timeout error, please contact the support team via the tickets or via our info@.... email.

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